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Settlers of Catan

This game is an implementation of Franckh/Kosmos' Settlers of Catan. The first release allows one to four players to play "virtual Settlers" on their Newtons; this makes a great game board for solitaire play, travel, or any other time you're up for a game but missing the game board.

The second major release will offer computerized opponents to play against one or more players. Upgrades will be free to registered users.

See the Settlers instructions; it won't teach you how to play the game, but it will teach you how to use the program. And it has some good screen shots.

A version of Settlers localized to German (many thanks to Christoph Graser) is available, called "Siedler". The English and German versions use the same preferences and the same registration codes; if you are registered for one, you are registered for the other.

If you would like to see Settlers localized to your native language, pick up this file, and modify it with the desired translations. (This is a NTK source file; to represent non-ASCII characters, use four-digit hexadecimal Unicode, and use "\u" to toggle into and out of Unicode. Here is a set of official charts for Unicode character encodings.)


This is a sound package, suitable for use with any application that uses registered sounds. You don't need them to run Settlers or Siedler, but if you use the sound feature, they can provide an interesting variety of sounds.

MP2K Sounds

These packages give you access to sounds in the ROM of the MP2000 and MP2100, like "Crumple" and "Drawer Opening". They should only be installed on NOS 2.1 machines.

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