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GMaster (Beta)

This application is both a harness and a library for character sheets and other data for role-playing games. Not only does it provide a NewtApp-based application for viewing, editing, and managing character sheets and other data, but it also exports a "unit" containing common icons, _protos, and functions that can be used by any character sheet developer. Why reinvent the wheel for every new character sheet, when GMaster allows all your character sheets to share behaviors, functions, and data?

Even better: every new character sheet is a separate drop-in module. These modules are typically much smaller than a separate application would be, as all character sheets take advantage of the library of functions built into the GMaster application. Even so, you can customize GMaster to include just the games you want; there's no need to waste precious storage on character sheets you'll never use.

GMaster is license-protected; without a license, the base application will only allow up to ten characters to be created and saved. Each character sheet module may have additional protections and constraints above and beyond those provided by the base application.

I'm currently looking for GMs currently running campaigns that play at least once a week, to beta-test GMaster and its associated character sheets. If you're willing to use GMaster at least once a week to run a game for which a character sheet is available, contact to apply, and tell me about your game and your characters. Beta testers will receive licenses for the GMaster application and for the character sheets they are testing.

See the GMaster FAQ for more questions and answers.

Drop-in Stationery for GMaster

Note that every character sheet will require its own license. These character sheet drop-ins all allow an unlicensed version to create up to 5 character sheets within the GMaster application.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (BETA)

This is a character sheet for TSR's Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Version Two.


This is a character sheet for West End Games' TORG game. I'm currently looking for beta testers for this sheet.


This is not a character sheet, but in fact a data repository that allows a TORG GM to keep track of damage, condition, opponents, equipment, etc. for a group of characters. Intended as a way to keep track of combat, it even allows, with a pair of clicks, a GM to resolve the actions of a group of NPCs instantly.

I'm currently looking for beta testers for this sheet.

Vampire (BETA)

This is a character sheet for White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade. I'm currently looking for beta testers for this sheet.


Coming Soon!

Legend of the Five Rings

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

GMaster Module Development Kit

This set of NTK headers and documentation allows developers to write their own drop-in modules for GMaster. Missing your favorite character sheet? Want to use GMaster for a home-brew system? Want a more esoteric, non-character-based data type that isn't yet supported? Write up the sheet just as you like it - or look to see whether someone else has already done it!

Coming Soon!

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